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Our Voices Will Be Heard

Posted in Plus Size Clothing Unity on November 23, 2008 by Onheyla

There is a strong call to foster the relationship between plus size clothing retailers and the plus size women they serve.  Here we ignite the unity of plus size clothing retailers and plus size women for the advancement of the industry.  Every plus size clothing retailer is a benefit to all of us plus size women, where other retailers has ignored our needs.  Plus Size clothing retailers have catered to us and our needs and filled a previous gap and gross oversight………not anymore.  For the women who they said to “We don’t carry your size”, we will oppose them.  To all associations, activists, retailers, and suppliers of any and all contributions to make our industry thrive and our voices heard much gratitude is due.  We have toppled discrimination and void in the apparel industry as a whole with lots of battles left………together we shall conquer all.

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